How Virtual Tours Can Showcase Architecture and Preserve History for Future Generations

9 Benefits of Using a Panotour for Architecture and Cultural Heritage


Showcase Architectural Marvels
A virtual tour can highlight the unique features and beauty of architectural wonders, attracting enthusiasts and tourists from around the world.


Accessible Education
Virtual tours allow students and researchers to explore and study architecture and monuments remotely, making it more accessible for learning and appreciation.


Attract Visitors
A captivating virtual tour can pique the interest of potential visitors, inspiring them to experience the architecture or monument in person.


Enhance Visitor Experience
Virtual tours can offer additional information and interactive elements, deepening the visitor’s connection with the architecture or monument.


Remote Accessibility
Virtual tours make architectural and historical sites accessible to those who cannot physically visit, such as people with disabilities or those living in distant locations.


Increase Online Visibility
Virtual tours can improve search engine rankings and social media engagement, increasing the online visibility of architectural and historical sites.


Attract Donors and Sponsors
A professional virtual tour can help attract funding and support from donors and sponsors, showcasing the architectural or historical site’s value and impact.


Boost Tourism
High-quality virtual tours can help promote local tourism by showcasing architectural and historical attractions, bringing economic benefits to the area.


Preserve History
Virtual tours can serve as digital archives, preserving architectural and historical sites for future generations to explore and learn from.

Looking for inspiration?

Check out some of our customer project showcases.


The Waltensburg Church Panotour showcases the masterful work of the Waltensburger Meister, dating back to 1330. The tour highlights his well-preserved, intricate Passionszyklus, which covers the interior north wall, the chancel arch wall, and part of the south wall. Viewers can appreciate apostle and saint figures, scenes from the legends of Sebastian and Nicholas, and more. The Panotour provides a unique perspective on these historic works, allowing users to engage with the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the church.


Panotour has captured a fascinating collection of architectural marvels, primarily in the Canton of Graub√ľnden. These upcoming Panotours will feature notable buildings such as Zumthor’s Sogn Benedetg Chapel, Capaul & Blumenthal’s Cinema Sil Plaz in Ilanz, and Gion Caminada’s village development project in Vrin. Stay tuned for the release of these immersive tours, which will showcase the captivating design and history behind each iconic structure.