From Virtual Tour to Real Sales
Why a Panotour is Crucial for Your Business

9 Benefits of Using a Panotour for Your Resort or Hotel


Increased Bookings

A virtual tour gives potential guests a glimpse of your hotel, making them more likely to book, as they can explore your facilities and rooms with ease from home.


Global Reach
Showcase your hotel to a worldwide audience and attract international travelers, as your virtual tour is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.


Enhanced User Experience
By offering an immersive and interactive experience, you allow potential guests to feel more connected to your hotel, making them more likely to book.


Easy Navigation

Virtual tours simplify navigation and enable users to visualize your hotel’s layout. Use them to highlight unique features, like spas, pools, or event spaces, and stand out from the competition.


Highlight Unique Features
Stand out from the competition by showcasing your hotel’s unique amenities, such as spas, pools, or event spaces, through a virtual tour.


Higher Customer Satisfaction
A panotour allows potential guests to explore your hotel in detail, resulting in more accurate expectations. This leads to higher satisfaction, better feedback, and improved ratings on booking platforms and social media.


Collaborate with Travel Agencies
Partner with travel agencies and tour operators who can use your virtual tour as a marketing tool to sell your hotel to their clients.


Event Space Visualization
Event planners can explore your event spaces virtually, making it easier for them to visualize their event and choose your hotel as their venue.


Social Media Engagement
Share your virtual tour on social media platforms, increasing engagement and encouraging potential guests to explore and book your hotel.

Looking for inspiration?

Check out some of our customer project showcases.

Andermatt Sedrun Disentis (ASD)

The Andermatt Sedrun Disentis (ASD) Resort utilized Panotours to showcase their winter and summer offerings, effectively managing visitor expectations. Immersive visuals highlighted unique features, engaging potential guests and reaching a wider audience. The Panotours differentiated ASD from competitors and strengthened their marketing strategy. Continued innovation will ensure ASD’s competitive edge in the hospitality industry.


Catrina Resort in Disentis utilizes Panotours to highlight its diverse offerings for guests with varying preferences and budgets. Featuring various accommodations, a spa, an extensive ski resort connected to Andermatt Sedrun Disentis Ski resort, and more, the resort ensures a memorable stay. Guests can enjoy skiing and walking in winter or mountain biking and a skill park in summer. Panotours provide a comprehensive overview of Catrina Resort’s vast offerings, setting the stage for an exceptional experience.


Sunstar Swiss Hotel Collection embraces Panotours to showcase their transformation towards attracting a younger clientele, while maintaining their renowned quality and services. The Panotours highlight the relaxing ambiance, rejuvenating spa and pools, top modern rooms, exquisite cuisine, and atmospheric hotel bars and lounges across all Sunstar hotels. By offering an immersive visual experience, Sunstar Swiss Hotel Collection effectively captures the essence of their brand, appealing to a new generation of guests and setting the stage for unforgettable stays.


Hotel Surselva Surcuolm, a family-friendly hotel, uses Panotours to showcase its newly refurbished infrastructure to guests remotely. The immersive visuals highlight the spacious family rooms, inviting restaurant with renowned regional cuisine, beautiful year-round terrace, and cozy lounge, capturing the fresh and rejuvenated atmosphere of the hotel, enticing families to create unforgettable memories together.