Showcase Your Destination with Panotours: The Ultimate Tool for Local and Destination Marketing

9 Benefits of Using a Panotour for Local and Destination Marketing


Showcase Local Attractions
A virtual tour can highlight the unique features, attractions, and points of interest in a region, enticing potential visitors and tourists.


Accessible Information
Virtual tours make regional information easily accessible to a global audience, increasing awareness and interest in the area.


Promote Local Businesses
Virtual tours can include local businesses and services, driving interest and patronage from potential customers and tourists.


Enhance Visitor Experience
Interactive virtual tours can provide detailed information about regional attractions, helping visitors plan their trips and make the most of their time in the area.


Boost Tourism
High-quality virtual tours can help promote regional tourism, contributing to economic growth and job creation.


Increase Online Visibility
Virtual tours can improve search engine rankings and social media engagement, increasing the online visibility of regional attractions and destinations.


Encourage In-Person Visits
A captivating virtual tour can inspire potential visitors to experience the region firsthand, boosting tourism and local spending.


Strengthen Community Identity
A virtual tour can showcase the unique culture, history, and character of a region, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among residents.


Cost-effective Marketing
A virtual tour is a cost-effective way to promote a region, providing long-term value and a high return on investment.

Looking for inspiration?

Check out some of our customer project showcases.


Panotour specializes in creating immersive virtual tours for communes like Grüsch, effectively showcasing the unique features and attractions that make your community an ideal place to live. Our Panotours highlight local industries, recreational activities, and cultural heritage, drawing the attention of potential new residents and contributing to the growth of your community.


Panotour is proud to work with the Surselva Region, creating immersive virtual tours for remarkable destinations such as Lumnezia, Breil/Brigels, and Obersaxen. Our Panotours offer potential visitors a glimpse of the vast and attractive vacation experiences awaiting them in the region. Showcasing culinary highlights, exciting activities, and a breathtaking environment, we ensure that guests get a comprehensive understanding of the region’s offerings. By using Panotour, Surselva effectively promotes its unique attractions and entices visitors to explore the region’s natural beauty and indulge in its local flavors.


Chur Tourismus has partnered with Panotour to showcase the charm of Chur, the capital of Canton Graubünden. Our immersive virtual tour highlights the city’s Mediterranean flair, extensive shopping opportunities, and rich cultural heritage sites. The Panotour features all the hotels in the city, as well as museums and churches, providing a comprehensive view of what Chur has to offer.