Why a Panotour is Essential for Your Retirement or Nursing Home

9 Benefits of Using a Panotour for Your Retirement and Nursing Home


Family Reassurance
A virtual tour can reassure families that their loved ones will be well-cared for in a comfortable and secure environment.


Showcase Facilities
Highlight your retirement or nursing home’s amenities, such as dining areas, recreational facilities, and living spaces, to attract potential residents.


Virtual Visits

A Panotour allows potential residents and their families to explore your retirement or nursing home virtually, helping them feel more confident in their decision without needing to visit in person, saving time for both them and your staff.


Attract and Retain Staff

By showcasing your facility’s exceptional work environment and amenities through a Panotour, you can attract and retain top talent in the caregiving field.


Competitive advantage
Stand out from the competition by showcasing your facilities through a virtual tour.


Enhance Online Presence

By integrating a Panotour on your website, you can enhance your online presence, making it easier for potential residents and their families to find and learn about your facility.


Personalized Care

A Panotour allows patients to see the personalized care and attention they will receive at your hospital or clinic, helping them feel confident in their choice of healthcare provider.


Simplify Navigation and Orientation

A virtual tour can help future residents and their families familiarize themselves with the layout of your facility, making it easier for them to navigate and settle in when they move in.


Ease Transitions
A virtual tour can help potential residents visualize their new living environment, easing the transition into a retirement or nursing home.

Looking for inspiration?

Check out some of our customer project showcases.


Gesundheitszentren für das Alter der Stadt Zürich oversees 32 retirement and nursing homes. is set to create comprehensive virtual tours for each home from 2021 to 2024. These tours will display various room types, public spaces, living areas, and amenities such as laundries, repair centers, hairdressers, and pedicures. By using Panotours, the organization can efficiently direct families to explore the homes online and concentrate on in-depth consultations with potential customers who have a higher likelihood of choosing their services.


Da Casa in Vella is a beautiful nursing home featuring a Panotour that showcases its various amenities and breathtaking landscape. The tour allows viewers to explore the wide range of services offered, including hairdresser, pedicure, and laundry facilities. The home also has a chapel, multiple rooms, and terraces designed to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, the on-site restaurant is open to the public, inviting everyone to enjoy its culinary delights.


Kirchfeld Horw is a remarkable nursing home located in a beautiful environment. The Panotour highlights its fantastic surroundings, complete with a mini zoo and a stunning view of the famous Pilatus mountain near Luzern. The home provides a variety of services, such as hairdressers, pedicures, and laundry facilities, ensuring residents enjoy a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. With multiple rooms, terraces, and a chapel, Kirchfeld Horw offers an exceptional living experience for its residents.