Build patient trust and confidence using a Panotour

9 Benefits of Using a Panotour for Hospitals and Clinics


Patient Comfort
A virtual tour can ease patient anxiety by familiarizing them with the hospital or clinic environment before their visit.


Medical Staff Recruitment
Attract top talent by showcasing your state-of-the-art facilities and work environment through a virtual tour.


Facility Navigation
Help patients and visitors easily navigate your hospital or clinic, reducing stress and confusion.


Showcase Medical Technology
Display your cutting-edge medical equipment and technology to build trust and credibility with patients and professionals.


Remote Consultations
Virtual tours can facilitate remote consultations, providing patients with access to medical expertise without the need for travel.


Health Education
Use virtual tours to educate patients about medical procedures and preventive care, promoting better health outcomes.


Improve Patient Satisfaction
A virtual tour can contribute to better patient satisfaction by helping them feel more comfortable and informed about your hospital or clinic.


Community Outreach
Share your virtual tour with local organizations, schools, and community centers to create awareness about your services and facilities.


Emergency Preparedness
Virtual tours can help emergency response teams familiarize themselves with your facility, improving their ability to respond quickly and efficiently.

Looking for inspiration?

Check out our customer project showcases.


Kantonsspital Graubünden, the center of healthcare in Southeast Switzerland, presents a Panotour of their newly constructed Building H, which serves as the core of the reorganized hospital. This virtual tour showcases the various departments, facilities, restaurant, café, and pharmacy available within the building. The Panotour allows potential patients to familiarize themselves with the hospital before their visit and provides the population of Kanton Graubünden with an opportunity to see their new hospital’s offerings and modern design.


University Hospital Zürich Flughafen, located within The Circle building at the internationally-connected Zurich Airport, offers a convenient and accessible healthcare center for patients. With an impressive Panotour, patients can familiarize themselves with the various departments and facilities available in this state-of-the-art ambulatory center. The Circle boasts exceptional connections to public transportation, including trams, regional buses, and trains, as well as convenient access for those arriving by car. This innovative healthcare center ensures a seamless and stress-free experience for patients seeking university expertise and cutting-edge medical technology.


The KSGR Surgery Department Panotour guides patients through the entire surgical process, from arrival to post-surgery care. It familiarizes patients with the hospital environment and the surgery team, helping to reduce anxiety and enhance patient experience.
A Panotour is a good idea because it allows the creation of interactive and immersive virtual tours for various purposes, including guiding patients through hospital facilities. By using hotspots, text, and imagery.


Psychiatrische Dienste Graubünden (PDGR) operates various facilities across Graubünden, offering comprehensive psychiatric care for children, adolescents, and adults. The main Panotour will integrate these facilities, showcasing different departments, providing insights into the new youth psychology building, and highlighting the surrounding park and horticulture areas. This immersive virtual experience will allow patients and visitors to explore PDGR’s comprehensive services and serene environment.